Quench your thirst for racing on the longest go-kart track in Europe
  • There are more than 55 turns in an area of ​​11,102m², the average speed approaches 40 km/h.
  • The full size track is 1,300m long, the long track is 1,000m and the separate children's circuit measures 300m.
  • 14 Birel “Sport” go-karts
  • 10 Birel “Racing” go-karts
  • 6 children's go-karts
  • Automatic electronic timer.
  • The track being located in a former greenhouse makes for ideal lighting conditions during the day.
  • The in-door track area is heated during the winter.
Photo gallery of the Kart Centrum Radotín track
What you need to know before riding

● Only riders over the age of 15 may take part in races on the larger track. We have a special, separate children's track for younger competitors. A driver's license is not required for go-karting.

Go-karts have simple controls: two pedals – a left foot brake and a right foot accelerator; no shifting gears necessary.

● Special attention must be paid to the steering of the kart itself due to the 1:1 steering ratio (a regular car has a 4:1 ratio).

The go-kart responds immediately to any movement of the steering wheel; we recommend that you drive your first few laps carefully before you get used to the handling.

● In the case of a collision with another go-kart or the guardrail which leaves you unable to start moving again, never get out of the go-kart!! Please stay seated and wave to the staff, who will rush to your aid.

Always keep the safety of yourself and others in mind and never intentionally collide with the guardrails or other go-karts. If you see another person in the lane, reduce your speed and try to avoid a collision with that person !

We also have a fantastic restaurant right inside of Kart Centrum
Outdoor portion
Long track 1300m

55 turns, concrete and asphalt surface, indoor and outdoor track portions, digital timer

Short track 1000m

45 turns, concrete and asphalt surface, indoor and outdoor track portions, digital timer

Children's track

14 turns, concrete surface, entire track located indoors, no timer

Race types
  • Time Trial (qualification): Competitors go for a 10-minute ride and the computer selects the fastest lap for each rider, it then determines the final order of all competitors in the 10-minute race according to their fastest laps.
  • Sprint Race: The starting grid positions are determined by the results from the qualification. Competitors race for a predetermined number of laps. The winner is the one who passes the finish line first.
Our Racing Gallery at Kart Centrum
Endurance race

Endurance race: Teams of two or more members take part in the race over a period of 1 – 24 hours, racers continuously take turns riding the same go-kart. The team that completes the highest number of laps within the time limit is the winner. If the number of laps is equal, the winner is the one who passes the finish line first.

Book a corporate or private event
Obtain a “Racing” class go-kart license

Real adrenaline; that’s what a ride in our special Birel “Racing” go-karts brings, if you have what it takes to get a license. Show your skills on the long track in our Birel “Sport” go-kart, and the license is yours!

more info about our “Racing” go-karts
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