Kid Kart children’s track

The "Kid Kart" children's track will give your children the unique and captivating experience of driving a go-kart entirely on their own.

  • 300m long track for children 15 and under
  • Hosts up to 6 Subaru EX13 engine go-karts at once
  • adjustable pedals and seats for the safety and comfort of your children
  • free rental of protective equipment, such as special helmets with collars for cervical spine protection
  • Children are supervised by an experienced team of trained technicians whom ensure their health and safety during the ride.


Conditions for riding on the children's track

1. the child must not exceed 15 years of age and the minimum height requirement is 130 cm (so that the child can reach the pedals)

2. when the go-kart stops for any reason, the child must not leave the go-kart without the track operator's instruction (in the event of an accident, the child must wait for the help of the operator and should not get out of the go-kart)

3. If the child is unable to use the brakes effectively and repeatedly crashes into the guardrails, their ride may be terminated prematurely

4. Parents are obliged to inform their children of the rules of the children’s track, as well as the conditions for riding, before the ride commences

The children's track is open every day from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 20:00. During this time, the track may be rented for one or more hours according to your individual needs, for a children's party for example. Prices of individual rides and rentals can be found in our Pricing section.

Children's track pricing
Children's parties at Kart Centrum

Do you want to treat your children to something special?

Organize a child’s celebration, a birthday party, or many other events (ie: a graduation party or an award ceremony for school and extracurricular activities, etc.)?

Kart Centrum and Kid Kart will take care of everything you need, including special offers for the children's menu, drinks and non-alcoholic champagne for the winners, birthday cakes, decorations, music and the like.

Our complete service will relieve you of all worries to do with the preparation and implementation of the event. Doing so, we will ensure an unforgettable experience for you and especially your children and their friends.


Order a children's party

Take a closer look at what we have here at Kart Centrum.

Gallery Kart Centrum

We will host your celebration in our restaurant located on the premises.


An exceptional celebration for your children that you won‘t forget.

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