We’re offering a real racing experience on the longest go-cart track in Europe. The entire length of the track is 910 meters, and can be shortened to 610 meters or 300 meters (kids). More than 30 turns are involved in the technical and fast paced parts of the track, the average speed on track is around 40 km/h. The placement of the track in a renovated greenhouse creates ideal lighting conditions. The grounds are heated during winter. More information: Tracks and Go-carts section.

The comfortable area is complete with a restaurant that has 160 available spaces and a large selection of food (grilled specialities on an open fire, salads, desserts) and a wealthy supply of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and cocktails. For a larger group (up to 300 guests) we are prepared to arrange a buffet in accordance with the clients wishes.

There is a projection area in the restaurant that serves the purpose of showing the race, standings, timekeeping or a video projection of sports channels. If a customer wishes, we can supply a professional moderator and sound equipment.

Parking Lot capacity: 150 spots with bus parking available.